How did we manage that?! by Sam on 8 July 2011


Well, that was a challenge different to anything I’d ever done before! When Katie and I originally came up with the idea of racing across America, we knew that we’d be relying on the support of everyone around us. But I don’t think either of us ever imagined quite how important they’d become, working their arses off whether riding, driving, navigating or even negotiation with race officials!

But it wasn’t just the 13 members of the Ride for your Lives team who made this possible. We were fortunate to hav[…]

About the ride...

In 2010 and 2008, Katie Spotz and Sam Williams rowed the Atlantic Ocean solo.

Now they are joining forces in June 2011 to ride in the Race Across America, a 3,000-mile non-stop bicycle race, raising money for a safe drinking water project in northern Kenya.

Follow their progress on this site, and please donate by clicking the link above.

Thank you!

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First miles
What are we doing?

On 18 June 2011, Katie Spotz and Sam Williams, along with a group of friends, are going to set off from Oceanside, CA for a trip across the USA to Annapolis, MD. There are plenty of sensible ways to do this trip ... but Katie and Sam haven't gone for one of them.

Ride for your Lives routeThey are going by bicycle and, from the moment they start, they're not going to stop, riding 24 hours/day until they reach the finish!

Riding in the Race Across America, after more than 3,000 miles, over 100,000 feet of climbing and nowhere near enough sleep for the 8 days it's going to take them, what will be the point?

Well, other than the simple answer of "Why not?", they are also raising money for a Blue Planet Network and FARM-Africa project that will bring water to some of the poorest communities in northern Kenya.

Sam Williams and Katie SpotzSo, sit back, get yourself a cup of tea, and have a look through the site for more information. You see that "Donate" button at the top? Try to have a look there before you leave too!

How you can support us

This event isn't just about riding some bicycles a long way fast. In fact, it isn't really about that at all. There's a MUCH better reason for it!

Blue Planet Network logoFARM-Africa logo

Over the last 4 years, Sam and Katie have been challenging themselves in order to raise money for two charities, Blue Planet Network and FARM-Africa. In that time, they have raised around $150,000 and improved the lives of some of the poorest communities around the world.

Now, not only are Katie and Sam joining forces, but so are Blue Planet Network and FARM-Africa.

Our goal is to raise $50,000, which will fund a project bringing safe drinking water to pastoralist communities in drought-prone northern Kenya. This water will also help them to grow crops and support their livestock so they do not have to rely on food aid to survive.

FARM-Africa logoFARM-Africa logo

To find out more about the charities and the project, click here. If you want to go straight ahead and donate, click here. Go on, you know you want to!

Our previous adventures

This isn't the first weird adventure that Katie and Sam have been on. They've also done a boat trip each, a bit of a bike ride and a swim!

Click on the pictures below to read the full stories of these past journeys.

About our sponsors

Levi’s® Shape What’s To ComeSM is a global community aimed at empowering women to turn their passion into a lifestyle. It’s a place where women can come together to share, inspire, teach and learn from each other. Katie Spotz is proof that every dream can become a reality with the right support, as Sam Williams gave to her during her solo ride across the Atlantic.

Shape What's to Come by Levi's

Shape What’s To ComeSM exists to help support women like Katie in their quest to pursue their passions.

Come see for yourself at

Kinetico is a leading manufacturer of water treatment systems helping more than a million people in nearly 100 countries experience the benefits of better water.

Kinetico has been a big supporter of Katie from before her Atlantic row, and she now works with the company as a safe water advocate, speaking all over the US about the water crisis and her adventures.

To find out more about Kinetico, visit

Kinetico Water Systems

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Status updates

It's only after the chaos has died down that you get a chance to thank the people who made everything happen. Two...

15 July 2011 deserted in car park and out cold. Hope our ride turns up soon

26 June 2011

26 June 2011

our riders Sam, Katie, Jools, Anne, Kevin, Will and Nate are all about to ride across the finish line of #RAAM2011

26 June 2011

Support team, friends and family waiting at #RAAM2011 finish line. Tweet a cheer #ride4water

26 June 2011